San Diego Music Video Extravaganza

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Starting at 7:00PM


San Diego, CA

Lafayette Hotel

An Event Not to Be Missed!

We are thrilled to introduce you to our first annual Music Video Extravaganza. This unique event will showcase the amazing creative talent of bands and artists in San Diego through a visual medium. Participants will have a chance to vote on their favorite music video, and the night will conclude with an award ceremony.

About Sunshine Sound Center

This event is a fundraiser for Sunshine Sound Center, a nonprofit music label with the mission of improving access to music, through events, education, instrument drives, and more.

What’s with the tiers? 

Tickets are sliding scale, $15-25. $15 basically allows us to break even and ensure that people can come and enjoy the event. Anything over that will benefit Sunshine Sound Center and help us with our mission of improving access to music.