San Diego Music Video Extravaganza



We are thrilled to introduce you to our first annual Music Video Extravaganza. This unique event will showcase the amazing creative talent of bands and artists in San Diego through a visual medium. Participants will have a chance to vote on their favorite music video, and the night will conclude with an award ceremony.

The event will take place Friday, November 10, 2017 at the Lafayette Hotel in San Diego.

Why music videos?

Music videos are an amazing combination of visual art and music, allowing artists to explore different dynamics of expression. This event is designed to bring creative people together and to showcase the talents of people in the San Diego area. With today’s technology, more and more people have access to the tools to make music and videos. We’re simply providing a stage for artists to share their creations.

What to expect

The event will begin at 7PM at the Lafayette Hotel. After an opportunity to mingle and socialize, the screening will run from 7:30-9:30PM with an intermission. At 9:30PM, participants, will vote on their favorite video. The winner will be announced at 9:45PM.